Max Rescue

max-rescue-cloud2-600x600Our cloud-based back-up technology aims to make your life easier by providing several user-friendly features including simple installation, automatic backup, off-site storage and 24/7 file restoration.

Online backup is secure, fast and inexpensive. With backing up online, you can preserve and restore all of your files in a secure, offsite environment without a hefty capital investment. Max Tech manages the setup and maintenance for you, enabling you to concentrate on your business.

Our backup solution employs the same level of backup security that top banks use to ensure safe online banking. Your files are stored in two mirrored data centers located on opposite coasts. Even if your business suffers from a flood, fire or break in, your data will be safe. In the case of a data disaster, you will be able to quickly restore your files online.

Online backup works both automatically and continuously, ensuring your files are backed up as you change them. By eliminated manual steps, we eliminate the possibility of human error and equipment failure. In addition, our software is not only in line with HIPAA guidelines, but also compliant with stringent healthcare industry data standards.

Max Rescue ensures that all electronic protected health information (EPHI) is fully protected. The software encrypts all data and stores information in secure facilities. HPAA security standards require your practice to appoint a security manager, thus only this designated individual will have access to the data, preventing unauthorized access of corruption.

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